Office for Mac 2016 Preview Available

Haven't seen this on Gizmodo yet, which is surprising because it's been available for 3 days now, but...Office for Mac is finally getting an update, and (at least for Office 365 Subscribers) it's available to preview! Here's Microsoft's blog post about the software suite. It looks pretty slick. I'm pulling it down… » 3/08/15 2:48pm 3/08/15 2:48pm

Amazon introduces Digital Download Store for PSN (PS3, 4, and Vita)

I'd post this over on TAY for Kotaku if I could, but I'm too excited about the potential to not post somewhere...I'm sure it's gonna be covered in full on Kotaku eventually, of course. » 11/12/13 12:52pm 11/12/13 12:52pm

Is the Release of Google Play Music for iOS Imminent?

While digging through Google's documentation about Play Music (I'm trying to find out definitively if clearing the cache of downloaded songs will delete all of my "kept" songs, too, or just the ones Google has automatically cached...anyone know?), I saw references to an as-yet unreleased iOS app. » 10/25/13 11:09am 10/25/13 11:09am

Last Day to Get a Great Deal on Microsoft Services

Just noticed this in my email, and figured some of you might benefit from the offer: if you buy Microsoft Office 365 by the end of the day today ($99), you're given a year of Xbox Live Gold for free. This means the package now includes: » 9/28/13 3:09pm 9/28/13 3:09pm

iOS7 App Redesigns

As many of you know, I recently made the jump to Android. But! That doesn't mean I've given up on the lovely iPhones that have been a part of my life for the last 6 years (I've been using WP8 for a while now too). As a developer who prides himself on flexibility, it is important to me that I have and understand all… » 9/18/13 11:14am 9/18/13 11:14am

64 Bit Architecture: What It Means, and What It Means For You

With Apple's big announcement of new iPhones tomorrow, many in the tech community (both here at Gizmodo and, well, just about everywhere else) are abuzz about the new A7 processor...chiefly, the move (the first of any cellphone) to 64-bit processor architecture. » 9/11/13 5:02pm 9/11/13 5:02pm

Using Google Glass as a Tool for Home Automation

Over my 2 years so far here at Vectorform, I've had the privilege to work on some really cool experiences, and build applications for some awesome hardware, by far the most exciting of which has been Google Glass. » 7/18/13 12:48pm 7/18/13 12:48pm

The Amazing Predictive Ability of iTunes Radio

I was never much of a fan of Pandora. I started using it in the early days, and the predictions just weren't very good. I found myself using skip to the point of being shut out almost every time I tried to listen. I got a Zune Pass and never looked back. The Zune Pass evolved into an Xbox Music pass, and then I just… » 6/18/13 11:14am 6/18/13 11:14am

iOS 7 adds Google-Now like Features to notification center

While playing around with iOS 7, I discovered a feature that I hadn't read about anywhere seems to have slipped under the radar so far. » 6/13/13 4:01pm 6/13/13 4:01pm

Welcome To The New Kotaku: Better Graphics, More Interactive, Same Low…

In less time than it takes to make a new BioShock, but in more time than it takes to crank out a new PlayStation firmware update—most people can actually hold their breath long enough for that—we’ve got a new Kotaku layout for you. Welcome to our first big makeover since 2011. » 3/29/13 1:08pm 3/29/13 1:08pm

BioShock Infinite: The Kotaku Review

Depending on where in the country you live, you might have the nagging feeling that portions of the United States have broken clean off. Just up and decided to veer into their own orbits, consequences be damned. » 3/25/13 10:34am 3/25/13 10:34am